PVC-Bulletin 03/2016
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Prowindo Press Conference at Fensterbau Frontale
Last week, representatives from Prowindo, the alliance for PVC-U windows, informed guests about current topics in the industry at a press conference held at the Fensterbau Frontale window, door and facade exhibition in the German city of Nuremberg. As was stated at the press conference, the German window market achieved growth of one percent in 2015, with sales figures increasing to 13.5 million window units. It was also reported that PVC-U windows continue to play a leading role in the market and are far ahead of the pack with a market share of 58 percent. read on
In perfect timing with the start of the Fensterbau Frontale exhibition, the first issue of the publication STARKE SEITEN in 2016 is being published last week. Alongside visitors to the exhibition from AGPU member companies, who are attending the event as exhibitors and will use the spring issue in their marketing activities, the publication is also aimed at decision-makers on the use of PVC in Germany and Switzerland in particular. read on
Soft PVC campaign
Soft PVC Campaign 2016 goes Media-wide
The ad motif "PVC is strong" from the Soft PVC communications campaign by AGPU Media can be seen in the March issue of the business magazine Brand Eins. What's new is that the steering group of sponsors has decided for the first time to use online advertising, in addition to classic print ads, to communicate with target groups. Thus the ad motifs are being listed on the Brand Eins website. read on
PVC Recycling Campaign at the Demolition Conference
At the beginning of March, the PVC Recycling Campaign also participated in the 22nd Demolition Conference by running a joint stand. More than 800 demolition and recycling specialists from all over Europe made the most of the event as an opportunity to discuss current topics in the industry. At the PVC Recycling Campaign stand, for example, participants in the Demolition Conference were able to find out more about recycling solutions for flooring, roofing membranes, windows, doors, roller shutters, tarpaulins and pipes made of PVC throughout Germany. read on

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Member companies will network with important partners from the entire PVC industry at high-level events such as workshops and round table sessions as well as in expert working groups. The AGPU membership will also provide access to decision-makers in politics, government agencies, federal states, cities and municipalities, as well as to environmental experts from trade and industry, to architects and property developers. The weekly PVC-Ticker with current topics on everything involving PVC and the Environment keep members always and easily well informed. PVC-Wiki is the knowledge database exclusively accessible for AGPU members it offers more than 8,000 documents on all topics involving PVC.

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